Various people from Nishtar Colony Lahore are visiting the Massage Center. The women present at the centre are performing a beautiful skit in the presence of an elderly man. This event is held to promote harmony and peace among the people of all religions and cultures. The participants also got a chance to enjoy aromatherapy at the Center. All the guests enjoyed the beauty of the massage center and were pampered with delicious refreshments.
The UN has declared this week as World Interfaith Harmony Week. The event is held from 1st to 7th February 2014. The venue for the program is the Lahore Press Club. There will be candle lights and speeches by various members of civil society and religious groups. The program ends at 6:30pm. Afterwards, the Chairperson of the wake cc and the coordinator of the women wing of URI will present a Tableau.

Massage Center

The happy Massage Center has recently changed its phone number and business hours. This change will facilitate the people in the community to get an affordable massage. The center also offers affordable massage services. During the week, Happy has different promotions and offers. One of the latest offers is an exclusive offer for women. If you want to experience a relaxing massage, you must visit this center. You will definitely find it worth visiting.
The Happy Massage Center in Nishtar Colony Lahore. The new owners of this center have updated the phone number and business hours. Please call the Massage Center if you have any questions. They’re open 7 days a week. These two things make the Happy Happiness Massage Center a perfect place for a relaxing massage. These two changes will give you a chance to relax.
The massage center has a great ambience for a good massage. It is well-equipped with all the essentials for a great massage. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a session at this center. The new owner of the establishment has an updated phone number and business hours. You can contact the Happy Massage Center by calling or visiting their website. You can also get a free consultation for the massage at their location.

Offers different types of massages

The Massage Center is a nice place to get a massage. It offers different types of massages. Some people come for the benefits of a good massage. However, they must be comfortable and relaxed in order to enjoy it. The owner should also be available to answer questions from the public. The customer should be able to reach the Massage Center by phone. If there are any problems, the customer can call the customer support. Massage Center in Nishtar Colony Lahore

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