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Several government and non-government organizations are working in the Canal Housing Societies to prevent the spread of STDs. A project called the Sonagachi project empowers the prostitutes to insist on condom use. However, while a small percentage of the sex workers is HIV positive, human trafficking is a major hindrance. Many women are forced to wear condoms because they are victims of human trafficking.
While the policies of the city are aimed at reducing the number of prostitutes, the social conditions are not ideal. In the nineteen thirties, Amsterdam’s mayor was forced to resign following a report that stated that some women were using condoms in their profession. The same goes for the women. Some of them work in “Rendez-Vous Houses,” where they drink and do as they pleased.
The city’s policies were designed to combat the problem of prostitutes. These regulations specifically mention the Rendez-Vous Houses, where women would gather and socialize with men. The regulations also mention the use of a condom when dealing with prostitutes in the area. It is not uncommon for women to be forced to wear a condom if they feel uncomfortable doing so. The city also prohibits them from using a condom in their homes.
The city’s policies are also designed to prevent the growth of prostitutes. The city’s regulations mention the use of condoms by sex workers. While it is true that only a small percentage of these women are HIV-positive, it is still a good idea to insist on condom use. While condoms are essential in preventing AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, human trafficking is a huge hindrance. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to prevent the spreading of these harmful viruses.
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